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Grow Yourself

Grow Yourself is a project to bring mental awareness through visual means rather than verbal while incorporating sustainability. The idea is to have the user be productive and plan ahead in a stress–free environment that takes into account mental stress and sustainability.

Project Summary

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Competitive analysis
User-interface design
Web design
Developing Website


Problem defining workshop
A detailed journey map
User-interface designs
High-fidelity prototype
Marketing material


Working under a tight deadline, we delivered a functional website that promotes mental health among college students. We also successfully take care of the marketing sector.

Understanding the Problem

The client wanted to create a product to address mental health among college students. The question begins with how we create a product to visually show that someone is improving their mental health while being sustainable to the environment.

The first challenge was to deeply understand the problem and work out to solve it in the period of time established. The client wasn’t sure if the final product was only going to be a portal to promote content or a fully functional website where students can find not only different sources about mental health but also be able to request products.

The Solution

Creating a website with a consistent layout that can organize the content that is desired with a new modern look. As well as having the website be responsive on all devices. That will encourage new and usual users to visit the website.

The Outcomes

Competitive Analysis

To ensure that “Grow Yourself” stands out in the market, a thorough competitive analysis was conducted. This involved researching similar products and services in the market, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and determining how “Grow Yourself” can differentiate itself. This analysis helped inform the overall strategy and direction for the project.

Research / Testing

To gain a deeper understanding of the target audience, research and testing were conducted. This involved conducting surveys and user interviews to gather insights on their needs, pain points, and expectations. The data collected was used to inform the design and development of the website.

User Interface Design / Prototype

The user-interface design for “Grow Yourself” focuses on creating a visually appealing and easy-to-use experience. This involved creating wireframes and mockups to map out the layout and user flow. A high-fidelity prototype was then developed to test and gather feedback on the design before moving forward with development.

Web Product / Marketing Material

The “Grow Yourself” website was developed to be responsive on all devices and includes a consistent layout that organizes the desired content in a modern and visually appealing way. Additionally, marketing materials such as brochures, social media content and other promotional materials were created to help drive traffic to the website and generate awareness of the platform.

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