UX Designer, Researcher & Communicator

Hello there! 👋 I’m Carlos Del Carmen, a product & visual designer based in The Central Coast. Expert in solving complex problems using User Centered Design and Design thinking.

Some Recent Projects

My UX Design process

There are different useful processes and methods when it comes to designing a product, it all depends on the type of product being designed. Different projects require different approaches; The approach to a bussines website differs from the way a mobile app is design. My standard UX process has six stages:


Understand users needs, work practice, usage, the subject-matter domain, and, ultimately, needs for the design.


Good user research challenges all the assumptions. Methods of user research: Interviews, User/Focus groups, Surveys, or Usability testing


The aim of the analysis phase is to draw insights from data collected during the research, moving from “what” users do to “why”.


Adding together the big idea and the findings learned during the research and analysis stages. The results and deliverables include workflows, wireframes, and prototypes.


When a high-fidelity product version is ready, it’s essential to retest, review, get feedback, and refine it. Once the result meets the requirements, the developers take control of the design for its implementation.


After the product is launched, I continuously monitor and gather feedback to identify areas of improvement and make necessary changes to the design.

My Focus Areas

My curiosity to continue learning has led me to contribute in many fields,
but some areas are especially close to my heart.

Product Design & User Experience

I provide a significant contribution to UX/UI. My passion for creating products that can positively influence users is what gives me satisfaction.

Branding / Marketing

Marketing and branding is done to drive in users, and UX encourages those visitors to keep coming back to the product/service. In the past years I’ve had the opportunity to lead multiple teams in this field while working for bigger companies in the agriculture niche.

Team Management

Is important to acknowledge the right balance between building a product/service and building the team that is building the product. Team building requires a deep understanding of people, their strengths and what keeps them motivated.

Education / Ed learning

There are several parallels between effective teaching and UX/UI. As an educator we have to do the work of creating a beautiful learning experience that focuses on the academic, social, and emotional needs of students.

My Skills

While working in the field, I have managed to collect multiple skills that have shaped me as a product manager. My curiosity has led me to continue investing my time in training and learning new methods that will help my teams achieve our goals.

Team Management


Integrated Marketing


Wed Development


System Building


Product Management


Visual Design


UI Design


UX Design


User Research








Some Clients and Brands I’ve Worked With

These are the brands that I am proud to had worked with in the recent years.

Some Testimonials

I have been working with Carlos on different projects and have experienced him as a talented, flexible, creative designer. I appreciated his ability to transform complex structures into beautiful designs with amazing results.

Karina AlvarezMarketing | Otter Student Union

Carlos works with great passion and ownership, he strives to tackle complex problems with design thinking approaches that add greater value to the product. He was a great in solving complex design problems. A great leader and I would love to work with him again!

Ivan SarabiaOwner | Designed Inc.

Carlos is a great thinker and product manager, his enthusiasm to learn and practice more and more in the field of UX made him stronger and a true arm for any UX team. His experience in marketing made our team more knowledgeable.

Marco PeñaUX Designer | Intrend Studio

Let’s work together

I am open to collaboration whenever my schedule permits. It all starts with an email. Get in touch today and let’s kick start something great together.

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