Grow Yourself

Grow Yourself is a project to bring mental awareness through visual means rather than verbal while incorporating sustainability. The idea is to have the user be productive and plan ahead in a stress–free environment that takes into account mental stress and sustainability. In addition to promoting mental health awareness, Grow Yourself is also committed to promoting sustainable practices. The project utilizes eco-friendly materials and encourages users to adopt sustainable habits in their daily lives.

ToroBull Brand

In collaboration with Torobull, a local apparel company, we aimed to rebrand and expand the business by creating a new identity and social media presence. The company only had simple hats and no social media presence, leading nowhere. As communication design students, we provided our assistance to create a new brand identity that will appeal to a wider audience and help the business grow. Our project included branding, website development, product design process, and marketing.

Spa on the Plaza

The Spa on the Plaza is a spa located in downtown Monterey that is a part of the Portola Hotel. Their website allows users to view their services, purchase gift certificates, and understand how their reservations work. For the capstone project, we are redesigning their website with a modern aesthetic and updating information on their site. The main goal is to give the bussiness a simpler and cleaner look. Making the users calm and relaxed when browsing through the website.

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